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8:03 AM Monday morning, I found myself running through the underground Millennium Park parking garage shouting “Stop that guy!”. Not your average Monday morning.

When I think about my engagement session with Carrie & Greg, I think about all the fun we had exploring downtown Chicago and I think about how grateful I am to have couples like them. I’m really excited about this sneak peek. We got some really fun shots downtown, but this sneak peek is actually from my second time meeting up with them. A few weeks earlier we had just finished taking photos in Millennium Park and we were headed over to the Theater district to get more engagement photos.

We had met up at 7:30 AM. I had walked them through my “core poses,” made sure they were comfortable in front of the camera and we were headed downtown. That’s when the unthinkable happened. As I walked down Michigan Ave talking with Carrie & Greg a guy rammed into my shoulder, grabbed my camera and disappeared underground. I was shocked, everything was in slow motion. I looked over at my couple just as Greg dropped his bag and started chasing after the thief!

Everything sped up, I tightened my backpack straps and started taking the steps underground two at a time. 8:03 AM Monday morning, I found myself running through the Millennium Park parking garage shouting “Stop that guy!”. Not your average Monday morning.

In the end, we lost the guy. I lost my camera, lens and all the photos we had taken that morning, but I’m still really grateful. I think Carrie said it best, “There is a lot to be grateful for. We’re all okay and we can re-take photos anytime.” What an amazing perspective!

In the spirit of gratitude, I’m really grateful Carrie & Greg stayed with me, helped talk with the parking security, give a description to the police officer then bought me a doughnut after it was all said and done. (Even though they’re gluten free! I think Greg said, “Some days you just need a doughnut.”)

I’m so grateful to have awesome couples like Carrie & Greg. Grateful it was only my camera that was taken and not my backpack full of lenses. Grateful I get to run a business I absolutely love working with couples during such an exciting time of life. Grateful I’m not in a position where stealing feels like the only option for me. I think that’s one of the reasons I love our long time giving partners Outreach Community Ministries.

The mission of Outreach is to Restore Hope & Provide Opportunities. There is a lot of hurt and brokenness in our world, but I think if we all do a little in our own communities, we can make a real difference.

Carrie & Greg, thank you so much for walking with me that crazy Monday morning and your awesome perspective. I could not have asked for a better couple to work with and I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!


Engagement Session Location: Downtown Chicago

Joyful & Genuine. 🙂

I love how this shot turned out!

#PicturePerfect 😉

Thanks for coming out with us Jamie! Best Bodyguard/Stuff Watcher yet. 😀


Carrie & Greg, I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! Thanks for choosing me as your wedding photography and could not have asked for a better couple to explore downtown Chicago with. 🙂

Till Next Time,




PS. If you want to learn more about Outreach Community Ministries, check them out here. If you want to learn more about RWP and our Giving Back, check it out here. : ) Love ya’ll!


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