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Can we talk about sparkler exits?

I LOVE them!

While there are lots of different things you can do during your reception, this is one of my favorite ways for a couple to “end” their night.

However, I also get a lot of questions about it! Most often, the question I get is when to do the sparkler exit.

You want all your guests to be a part of it, but if you wait till the end, some guests may have left. However, if you do it early, does that mean you have to leave your party?

These are such good questions to be thinking about! Can I tell you a secret? I actually recommend something in between. A controlled sparkler exit.

A controlled sparkler exit usually takes place about 60-90 minutes into open dance. You can either have all your guests come outside for your “sparkler exit” or you can invite just your bridal party & family members.


Benefits of just inviting a few people…

– These few guests will be front and center in your sparkler exit photos.
-If you want to run through a couple times doing different things, you totally can!
-Your DJ can keep the dance floor full while you sneak out.
-There is no confusion. Once you’re done, head back in and keep celebrating with your guests!

Benefits of inviting the whole party outside…

-All your guests get to participate in this fun exit with you.
-Your DJ can easily announce the exit to all of your guests.
-More guests in your photos.




The other question I often get is, “What kind of sparklers should I get?” Two things to consider…


The length of the sparkler.

In general, longer sparklers will burn for longer. This allows you to enjoy the exit. Instead of running through really quickly, your man can spin your around then drop you down into a dip before kissing you. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that!

If you’re not sure about the length you want, you can also look for sparklers that burn for 2+ minutes.


Smoke vs. Smokeless.

Your classic sparklers will let off a lot of smoke. You may not notice it on the 4th of July. It’s not something our eyes typically notice as they are more drawn to the light.

Smoke can look mysterious in your photos. It’s a fun addition to the shot, especially when backlit. However, you also want to make sure the smoke doesn’t take over the shot. I usually recommend sparklers that have minimal smoke. It’s the best of both worlds. 😉

There are lots of great sparklers out there in the market. However, I love the sparklers from Bride Envy. When creating their sparklers, they truly had Brides in mind. As you look into sparklers, check them out!


Bonus: A Reminder & An Idea!

Sparkler exits are so much fun! However, one thing to remember. It’s going to sound obvious… but… I’m going to say it anyways…

Remember to get lighters for your sparkler exit!

If you want to, work them into the groomsmen gift! There are lots of awesome custom options out there and this way you know you’ll have them later in the evening.

Finally, if you have a few extra sparklers, save them! While I’ve only done this a few times, we can use your extra sparklers to “draw with light.” Currently, taking down names so I can keep practicing. 😉


I hope you found this post helpful! There are so many different moving parts to planning a wedding. If you have any other questions about controlled sparkler exits or anything else, let me know. I love hearing from you!!!


Much Love Friend,

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