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For a lot of my Brides, some of the photos they tell me about first are the detail photos we do in the morning. These can be some of the most meaningful photos because they include your wedding rings and often times, different family heirlooms from past loved ones.

Detail photos? Oops! Let me explain.

When we first arrive, we’ll meet all your bridesmaids, say hi to Mom and then I love to jump into the detail photos. Photos of the rings, shoes, wedding invitation, the dress, all of it! This gives us the chance to get the creativity flowing and it’s nice because while you’re still in the finishing stages of hair & make up, we can casually pop back and forth. It’s a way to ease into taking preparation photos and gives everyone a chance to meet us face to face. Warm up to the camera.

Think about it. While we’ve spent time together in person, over the phone and hung out at your engagement session, this is usually the first time your bridesmaids are meeting us. …and we’re about to follow you around all day. That could feel kind of weird! This way we can meet everyone and slowly work our way into it.

So. What are a few things you can do to make sure nothing gets forgotten? I’m so glad you asked. 😉



1. Pack all the details in a bag a week before. (If you’re not sure what to pack, check out the list below!) This way, you know you didn’t forget anything and the morning of, all you have to do is show us where the bag is and we can start playing.

2. Save some space. The getting ready part of the day is so much fun! All your bridesmaids, mom, mother-in-law-to-be, sometimes even flower girls and friends! Everyone gathered in one room, doing hair, make up and sipping mimosas. It’s relaxed and laid back. We want you to keep enjoying your morning so at the beginning of the day, save us some space. This way when we arrive, we can grab your dress, shoes, the detail bag and start shooting right away.

Remember, light is Queen. When you save us a spot, look for the natural light. This way we can get beautiful, glowy detail images. 😉

3. Have flowers arrive 30 minutes before us. Some of my favorite detail photos are the flowers and rings together. By having the flowers arrive 30 minutes before us, everyone can admire them and once we arrive, we can start rockin’ out.

Bonus: Ask your florist to bring some of the greenery that didn’t make the bouquet! Those pieces can be perfect to style the invitation or jewelry with.


If you’re looking for an easy way to remember these tips, copy this link and add it to your calendar a week before your wedding. This way it pops up in the morning and you can check it off your list. 😉



Wedding Details

– Your Wedding Dress! (Maybe don’t put this in your bag…)
– Invitation & Envelope (All the pieces!)
– Engagement Ring & Both Wedding Bands
– Veil/Hair Piece
– Shoes
– Jewelry
– Perfume
– Borrowed & Blue
– Proposal Mementos
– First Date Mementos
– Family Heirlooms


Hope this helps! As always, if you have specific questions you hope to see Behind the Lens, just let me know! I love hearing your questions or thoughts.

Till Next Time,



PS. If you forget a some of this stuff, no worries! My goal is always to help your day run smoothly. Sometimes we make adjustments as we go and that’s okay!


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