What to Wear Getting Ready- Four Things to Remember

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A couple of weeks ago I got asked a question I don’t think I’ve ever been asked before! However, it’s also a question every Bride asks themselves as they prep for their wedding so I thought it would be a fun question to answer from a photographer’s perspective.

What should you and your bridesmaids wear the morning of your wedding?

If you’re anything like me, this may be one of those details you’ve thought of, but unless your wedding is just around the corner, you may not have checked it off yet.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve seen a lot of really cute things. Here are just a few ideas to help inspire before sharing the four things to remember when picking something out.

  • Matching robes
  • PJs!
  • Men’s dress shirts
  • Cozy flannel shirts (Especially awesome if you have guys & girls in your group!)
  • Tank tops & black yoga pants



I’m going to say robe the rest of this post to keep it simple, but these ideas apply for anything you get your bridesmaids to wear in the morning. 🙂

#1. Do YOU like it?
Maybe this sounds silly, but remember these robes are what you and your bridesmaids will be photographed in the morning of your wedding. Here are a few questions to consider before going any further.

  • Are you comfortable wearing this particular robe?
  • Will this robe fit the look & feel of your wedding morning?

Remember we’ll be taking photos in these all morning. I want to make sure you’re comfortable in front of the camera and it matches your wedding vibe. 😉

#2. Matching & Complementing
I recommend finding things that complement each other and/or are matching. If you do matching robes for your bridesmaids, you can choose to do the same robe or choose a robe that is the same material, but a different color! This allows you to stand out and keeps the look cohesive.

#3. Personalization
You may have already personalized something else, totally fine! You don’t have to personalize everything. However, if you haven’t yet, I recommend personalizing your bridesmaid’s robes.

I’ve only stood up in a few weddings, but by far, my favorite gift was the personalized dress shirts we all wore in the morning. It’s something I would never have gotten for myself. It was super cute, comfy and it’s something I would totally wear around the house. (Even though it’s pink!)

Pro Tip: If you do monograms, remember that sometimes your bridesmaids will change their last name. Don’t be afraid to ask them what name they prefer or do their first name! No rules when it comes to this. 😉

#4. Re-Usable
Remember, the first thing is, do you like it and are you comfortable in the robe. If you’ve found something you love, go with it! You just get bonus points if it’s also something your bridesmaids will wear again!


As always, I hope you found this post helpful and shout out to Anna for asking me this awesome question! If YOU have questions you want to see answered Behind the Lens, send them my way!


Till Next Time Friends,


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April 5, 2019

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