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Let me tell you something…

At 12:30 PM on Saturday, January 4th. I had no clue we were getting a dog. By the time I hung up the phone at 12:32 PM, I knew I should have kept our dog stuff. Oh well. It was time for the next adventure. #TeamWatsonForLife

I guess to tell you this story, I have to take you back to Kronos.



Three years ago we agreed to watch our friend’s dog for a couple weeks while he moved from Hawaii to Georgia. It’s a normal part of Army life and we were happy to help. Two and a half years later as we watch Kronos leave our driveway I knew our lives had been changed for the better.

Kronos was my first dog ever! He was also the best dog a girl could ask for. (Even though Blake was definitely his person.) Never touched the trashcan. Told us when he was hungry, wanted to go for a walk, had to go out. His first week with us, I left a whole pizza on top of our trash can. He never touched it! One time we asked a friend feed Kronos because we were going to be gone for the day. Kronos didn’t touch his food all day. We had forgotten to tell our friend to tell Kronos he could eat it!

You may think these things sound crazy, but they’re all true!

However, the best part of having Kronos with us was getting to share him with Blake’s parents. I know it’s different, but Blake and I aren’t home enough. Bill and Shannon would watch him during the day and we would pick him up after work.

We had our system and it really worked for us!

That got us thinking… we had just kind of slipped into this pattern, but it worked! Could we do it again? Should we?


Hierarchy of Dog Lovers

Personally, I’m a dog person. (Sorry! I’m totally allergic to cats.) I’ve always loved dogs! However, compared to Blake… I’m not even a blip on the radar. Blake is a dog magnet! He gets down on the floor, plays tug of war, messes with them. It’s like they just know!

Blake and Shannon are similar that way. They’re dog magnets! They LOVED Kronos. Bill and I, we just loved Kronos. It’s different. 😉


The Lead-Up

Friday, Blake had asked me if I wanted to go with to the shelter with him and Shannon the next day. I was free so I told him, “Sure!” They had been looking at Shadow for about a month but had yet to meet him. I’d never been, but it sounded fun to me!

I was just wrapping up my photoshoot with my friend on Saturday. Two missed calls from Blake. Oops! He had even called my friend. It must be important. I quickly packed up my gear and called him as I headed out to the car, “Hey! Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just had a quick question for you. -silence- Do you mind if Shadow spends his first night at our house?” Oh no… I thought to myself. We’re totally getting a dog today. 




As we walked along the river with Shadow, Bill and I just looked at each other. Blake and Shannon were right there. Asking questions, interacting with Shadow and Shadow was loving it! We were definitely getting a dog. 🙂

Shannon filled out the paperwork and we drove home with Shadow just an hour later.

It’s been really fun so far. I can already tell how different Kronos and Shadow are, but I love it. I love discovering his personality. I’ve enjoyed hearing all the stories from Bill and Shannon throughout the week and I’ve loved watching Blake play with Shadow on the weekends. 🙂

It’s different, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that we have an awesome family we can do this with and I love that this time, our homes are Shadow’s forever home. And that’s that.


Much Love Friends,

PS. You want to know the best part of these shots? We weren’t throwing the ball for him. 😂 He was playing catch with himself!


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