My Intro To Dance

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My Intro To Dance

An eight count. Of course. I could do an eight count.

What was that again?

The coach just looked at me. Yep. I was definitely supposed to know what she was talking about if I was trying out for my college dance team. 😂

How had I gotten here?


Away From Home

It felt like just yesterday I was headed to my Senior internship in Denver, golf clubs in hand. There was a course just down the street and I would be able to practice over the summer, even if this internship kept me busy.

I was in a new place, didn’t know anyone. Away from Blake for the first time since I was 15. Oh, and I was living in a house of strangers.

I was so many layers of uncomfortable. No matter. This summer would be an adventure. 😀


Weekend Retreat 

There were 12 of us girls living in the house for the summer. For the most part, all at different internships. Two of us were interning with Dry Bones. So as the rest of the ladies settled into the house, Amanda and I headed to the Dry Bones Intern Retreat.

A whole ‘nother level of uncomfortable. At least I had gotten to know Amanda for a day or two before jumping into a whole new round of awkward “get to know you” questions.

We hopped in the Suburban and headed out of Denver.


Just a few of the best golf teammates I could have asked for. 🙂


That’s when it happened.

As I dropped my bag in the room that would be mine for the weekend, my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but I was desperate for any reason to stay upstairs longer. I had already surveyed the people in the car on the way up. Some of them clearly already knew each other, but I couldn’t put all the pieces together yet.


Is this Rachael? Weird.

Yes, it is.

This is [Insert name I don’t remember here.] from Judson. I have some bad news I need to share with you…

He preceded to tell me that they had decided to shut down the girls golf program. I was shocked. They had just started the program my Freshman year. I was Captain of the team. I mean… we had room for improvement, but shut down?

I felt the room start to shift. What was I going to do? Tears started to fill my eyes. I shouldn’t have answered this phone call. I had to go downstairs. I didn’t know ANYONE here.

I am fierce. I am powerful. I am crying…


Looking Back

Now as I stood here in the gym, months later and back home, I was pretty sure the dance coach was not impressed with my abilities.

It had kind of started as a joke. My friend Jen and I had golfed together. As we talked, she told me that she was thinking about trying out for cheer. I laughed, “If you join cheer, I’ll try out for the dance team.”

If Jen was courageous enough to try something new. Maybe I could be too?

We had been friends for years. Always finding creative ways to have fun and go on adventures. I knew she would try out for cheer and somewhere, deep down. I had always wanted to try dance.

Dance was one of those things that was always just out of my orbit.

  • My parents had me in ballet and tap when I was younger, but I was too young to really remember it.
  • I would choreograph dances in my basement to my favorite songs.
  • I loved going to talent shows and seeing the amazing choreography.
  • I loved the dance in my gymnastics floor routine.


The clues were all around me, I just had to face my fear of the unknown and jump in.


Just about the only proof you’ll find. 😜


The Dance Team Tryout

So here I stood. A Senior in college. Looking at the Dance coach with no clue what an eight count was.

How bad could it be?

Oh my friend. It was bad. As I stumbled through the moves she showed me, I could see it on her face. Thank goodness I was the only one in the gym! 😂

As we wrapped up I turned to the coach, a last ditch effort. I wanted this. More than I had realized.

“I may not be very good, but I promise I’ll work harder than anyone else.”

Maybe it was what I said. Maybe it was something else entirely, but I made the team. 🙂 And let me tell you something, I did work harder than anyone else. It was 100% worth it!

Before dance, I’d done just about every sport. I had fun. I liked them. I was definitely better at some than others, but I didn’t know what it felt like to LOVE a sport until dance.


Screenshot of a phone video. 😂 #Proof!


Punch Fear In The Face

While unexpected, this was one of the more defining moments of my life. I would argue it’s one of the experiences that helped me to start my businesses. Because of the risk I took, I found something that I love and I learned what it felt like to truly get uncomfortable and take a risk.

I learned to say no to fear. To punch fear in the face.

Today, I still LOVE dance. I dance almost every week and while it may not be a dance team anymore, it’s still something that I love. 😀 I’m already counting down the days till Wednesday when I dance next. 😉

Wherever you are. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Say no to fear and jump in. You may be surprised. 🙂


Much Love Friend,


Oh yes. Then this happened. 😀 Cadillac Ranch Dance Team
Off the wall and SUCH a fun Summer! 🙌



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