Punch Fear in the Face

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The Origin Story…

What is the number one thing that holds people back?


It’s something I’ve been thinking on for a few months now. It first started in January. I was visiting my high school mentor in AZ. It had been a few years since I’d seen her so I was excited to catch up and hear everything that’s been going on.

We had lunch, told stories and watched as her 4 kiddos, 10 and under, ran around the yard playing.

That’s when it happened. Leanne’s oldest ran up to her. He was afraid of something. I’m not sure what it was, but he felt unsure.

Leanne took his little hands in hers and said, “What do we do with fear? We punch fear in the face!”

It was a silly statement, but it also communicated something so important. Something we all need to remember, even as adults. We need to say “No!” to fear. We need to punch fear in the face so we can live our lives to the fullest. 


What is your dream?

I’ve listened to so many friends, family and entrepreneurs share their incredible ideas. Most often these ideas are coming from deep within their heart. They see a need and they want to help!

The number one thing that holds people back is fear.

I wish I could say that after 5 years in business, I’ve kissed fear good-bye, but that’s not true.

What will people think?

What if I share and it doesn’t resonate with anyone?

What if I fail?

Just a few of the thoughts that cross my mind when I put things out in the world. Especially, the new things I’m working on!

However, while fear still may be a struggle for me sometimes, there are two things I’ve done that have really helped me and I hope they can help you too. : )



#1. Name the fear and think it through.

One of the most powerful things about fear is that we often don’t even know it’s there! When I started to pay attention to what motivated me to do or not do something, I was shocked! I’m not just talking about business either. I even noticed this in my personal life.

Once I started to recognize it, I made myself think it through. Realistically, what is the worst that can happen? This was powerful because it helped me to put things back into perspective.

For example, something I think about often is “What if I share and it doesn’t resonate with anyone?” However, the truth is, it probably won’t resonate with everyone and that’s okay! The worst casinerio is that it doesn’t interest someone this time or maybe they stop following me.

However, the best casinerio is that what I share really resonates with someone and encourages them! That’s my heart and that means putting my thoughts out there for people. : )


#2. Practice Failing.

When we really boil down our fear, a lot of times it comes down to failure.

What will people think? (I’ve failed to make a good impression.)

What if I share and it doesn’t resonate with anyone? (I’ve failed to connect with others.)

Practice failing. To some, this may sound weird. However, think of it this way. If you want to get stronger, you go to the gym regularly and lift. Why should facing fear any different?

For me this means going line dancing. Friend. I fail Every. Single. Wednesday.

Every night I go, there are dances I don’t know yet or dances I’ve been working on for months and still can’t figure out! By staying out there, I may fail, but I also practice getting back up.

I train my brain to learn that it’s okay to fail. Failure is an opportunity to learn and each failure brings me closer to success. Closer to learning the dance. Since I practice failing regularly, when I face challenges in business or life I can put things into perspective and even if I fail, I’ve practiced getting back up. I know I’ll be all right. : )


Punch Fear in the Face

Wherever you’re at, be bold. Punch Fear in the Face! You have something to share with the world. The world is waiting to hear from you so get out there and get after it.

Remember, you’ve got this!


Much Love Friend,






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