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As a small business owner, productivity is key. There are SO MANY different moving parts to running a business. On top of that, when you’re starting out, there is so much you don’t know yet. Or at least, there was for me!

What is an EIN number?
What is the best accounting software? (How do I use it!)
Marketing… Where do I do it? How is it done? What’s my message?
Instagram? (I definitely wasn’t using that when I first started out!)

All that to say, no matter where you are in business, there are always new things we have to learn, figure out or problem solve.

Friend, our most valuable resource is time. So, with all the unknowns in business, how can we be more productive?

Here are three things I do to up my game…


#1. Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb”

I know. Bonus: I also set up screen time limits on my social media apps.

One of the pushbacks I hear about “Do Not Disturb” is, “What if there’s an emergency?”

You can actually customize these settings on the iPhone. I have mine set up so that if people on my favorites list call me, it still comes through. I also have it set up so that a double call will come through.

If there is an emergency, I’ll know.

The benefits of putting your phone on “Do Not Disturb” are huge.

Most notably, when my phone isn’t there to distract me, I find myself getting into a flow much quicker and with more ease.

For my athletes out there, it’s easier to get into the zone.

When you can block out all other distractions and zero in on a particular task, you can get it down faster and to a higher caliber. This leads me to number 2.


#2. Clean your workspace to minimize distractions.

The last thing I do before leaving the office each day is clean up my workspace. This allows me to come in the next day focused and ready to work.

The first thing I do Monday morning after a wedding is unload my car and put all my gear away.

By doing these two things, I always have a clean space to work. This is so important for me because it minimizes distractions and allows me to focus.


#3. Make a list to prioritize your day.

Personally, I have written lists and notes everywhere! I keep a stack of notecards in my drawer for two reasons.

First, it allows me to brain dump everything I need to get done outside of my client management system. Once I have the list written down, I go through and prioritize. If I only get three things done today, what’s most important?

Making the list and prioritizing it, gives me direction for the day. A place to start and helps me to end the day with a strong feeling of accomplishment.

This is super important for my entrepreneurs out there. Not every day is easy. Stack up the wins so you can continually find joy in what you do and avoid burn out.

Second, I love my notecards because sometimes ideas come at weird times. When an idea strikes me, I don’t want to lose it, but I also don’t want to lose my flow.

Half my notecards are lists. The other half are ideas. Once it’s written down, it’s safe, won’t be forgotten and I can come back to it later.


Remember, habits don’t change overnight. However, my hope is that these are three little things you can change that will have a big impact on your work productivity.

As always, I love hearing from you! ( Let me know where you’re at and what you’re working on. It always makes my day.


Much Love Friend,

PS. If you’re new around here, welcome! You can check out the story of how Blake & met here. Just know that it has to do with chocolate munchkins, motorcycles and a 100lb sign. Yikes!

Oh! And don’t forget to check out the Entrepreneurs page for free resources to help you level up in business. 😎 Talk soon!


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