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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Dear Daddy’s Girl…

Weather it’s your Dad or someone else significant in your life walking you down the aisle. Your wedding day is a big day and likely, you have a special relationship with this person.


For me, it was my Dad. We all got ready at my parents’ house. My Dad bounced around from place to place, checking in with people, enjoying the moment and trying to be where he needed to be, when he needed to be.

Growing up, my Dad would wake me up SUPER early in the morning and I would go into work with him, but not before getting breakfast. Most often, that was a Whopper Jr from the BK Lounge. Although, I also recall going to a doughnut shop some mornings and leaving with a cookie for breakfast. 😉

My Dad taught me to fish, ride a bike, climb a tree and play catch. More importantly, he taught me what to look for in a guy. One of the ways he did this as I grew older was by taking me on breakfast dates before school just to ask me questions about my life. Something I love that we still do today.

When it came to our wedding, there was nobody else I could fathom walking me down the aisle.


I love these photos. Two of my favorite men. 🙂


I understand this isn’t everyone’s story, but I hope that you do have someone special to walk you down the aisle if you choose to. 🙂 Even more, I hope you can find little ways to make the day even more special for them. Here are three things I’ve see other Brides do to help spark ideas. 🙂


#1. Do a First Look with Dad

Or whoever is most significant in your life! Brothers, Mom, Grandparents. : ) No rules.

A first look with Dad is simply the first time your Dad will see you on your wedding day. Sometimes this is when you get to the church, but more often Dad is popping in throughout the morning. Make this moment really special by carving out a few minutes just for Dad.


#2. A Personalized Gift

This is something that can take so many different forms!

Maybe you have something you say to each other every time you see each other? Your version of, “I love you.” I’ve also seen Brides gift ties & handkerchiefs with personalized messages, hand written notes or even a favorite bottle of Whisky! Sometimes it’s a sappy gift. Other times it’s just something fun. The goal is to share with them just how much they mean to you in a small way.


#3. Make the First Dance Your Own

This may be asking Dad to pick the song or picking it together. Let him pick three and then listen to them together and choose one. But get ready to shed a tear or two. ; )

Here are a few other things I’ve seen…

– Surprise your Dad with the song that you pick
– Do a mix of songs. Why pick one if you love a bunch?
– Choreograph a dance with your Dad or Significant Person. This could be traditional or a mix of traditional and silly/sassy.


First Look with Dad, Rachael Watson Photography


There are so many different ideas out there. : ) I hope this helped to spark ideas as you plan for your wedding. If you’ve done something special or have an idea, share with me! I always love hearing from you.

Much Love Friends,




PS. If you have a question you want to see answered behind the Lens, DM me or share a comment! Some of the most popular posts have been inspired by you. : )


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