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If you missed the first part of our story, how we met, check it out here!


Friendship Continues…
Since my Sophomore year in high school, I knew with certainty where I was going to college and what I would study. Shortest guidance counselor meeting ever.

Flash forward to the Fall of 2009. I had graduated that Spring and it was time to go to Judson University where I would study Youth Ministry/Adolescent Studies. So… Not at all what I’d originally planned. However, I had the same certainty pulsing through me and I couldn’t wait. I was especially excited about Judson’s professors and the golf team they were starting that Fall. Oh, and I would be able to keep my job on Fast Team with Blake. 😉

I was excited! I was making new friends on my team, in the dorm and in my major. I loved being away at school and I loved when Blake would come to hang out.

One of my favorite memories though was the first time Blake came out to Judson.

We were walking around campus together. I was probably showing him around. Totally normal. The only difference was we weren’t actually walking around together. He was walking around campus and I was on his shoulders giving the tour.

I guess that alone should have been a clue that there was more to Blake and me than friends, but I wasn’t ready yet.


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The time-lapse of our relationship… #StudMuffin
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The Dating Game & The DTR…
My freshman year I dated different guys, but after a while, I realized I was comparing everyone to Blake… Yikes!

Blake must have realized my feelings were changing. That summer, we had the DTR.

We had been painting an empty house all day. As we finished up, Blake sat down at the bottom of the stairs and I dropped down onto the floor facing him. We were tired, but the butterflies were fluttering. I don’t remember how it came up, but we laid it out. It didn’t feel like a big deal though! It felt like the natural next step for us. We were goofy about each other and honestly, everyone else was just waiting for us to figure it out. 🙂

I just had one stipulation. I wanted us to have a date to celebrate. It may sound silly to some people, but any reason to celebrate is a good reason to me.


Will You Be My… Girlfriend…
Guys. He made me wait for WEEKS! I almost thought he’d forgot about the conversation. We were still hanging out a lot. Had I imagined it?

Then one day he texts me. “Clear your calendar. We have plans this Saturday. Oh! And bring your swimsuit.”


5:00 AM, Blake picked me and my swimsuit up and we drove. An hour and a half later we finally reached our destination…

A large empty field. As I looked over at Blake, he asked me, “Do you have your swimsuit?” At this point, I was pretty sure he messing with me. I left it in the car.

As we walked across the field I realized there were two people out there and what looked like a HUGE amount of fabric with a basket. Suddenly, the fire turned on and the fabric started to take shape.

I was totally dumbfounded and ecstatic. A few minutes later we were soaring in a hotair balloon hundreds of feet in the air. That’s when it happened… Just as the sun peeked above the trees in a beautiful sunrise, Blake whispered into my ear, “Will you be my girlfriend?” And that was that. Certainty pulsing through me. 🙂


We’re so tiny!


I hope you enjoyed hearing a little of our story! If you have something you want to see Behind the Lens, let me know! I love hearing from you. 🙂 Next installment when “I Knew” Blake was “The One” comes out Friday, July 5th at 2:00 PM.

Much Love Friends,





PS. I asked Blake why he waited so long for me. He said two things. #1. “You never looked at those other guys the same way you look at me.” #2. “I wasn’t in it to win the battle, I was in it to win the war.” …Boys. 😂


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