Our Story: The Epic Honeymoon

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In case you missed it, catch up with part 1 of our story here: Team Watson For Life: Our Story: How We Met

Our Story: The Epic Honeymoon

I stood at the golf course podium, putting on the finishing touches of our wedding favors.

That was one of the upsides of the later morning at the golf course. Golfers had teed off earlier in the morning and were now making the turn. There wouldn’t be much to do unless a car drove up with a question.

That worked just fine for me this week. It was wedding week!


The Question EVERYONE Asks

As I stood there working on the wedding favors one of the older (…80 something 😉 ) bag drop guys walked up fresh from his smoke break. “What are you working on? …  Oh wow! This week already? … Where are you going on your honeymoon?”

This last question was, surprisingly, one of the questions I got most often and I loved getting to answer it!

Blake and I had traveled a lot of places over the years, but we had NEVER been to the west coast together. We were headed to LA!


The Wedding Day

The wedding day flew by! People laughed during our ceremony. The pastor joked it was a miracle Blake made it to this day! The wild boy he had watched grow up was now a man about to be married.

We had a beautiful bubbles exit from our ceremony. Ran around taking photos with the bridal party and headed over to our reception where our families surprised us with a FLASH MOB! Our day was genuine, joyful and truly unforgettable.

As Blake and I drove off from our reception, it felt unreal. We were married! As I looked over at Blake, all I could think was how lucky I was. Blake and I were starting this new adventure together and it would start in LA.


The Flight

As we boarded the plane the next morning, I was giddy. Unfortunately, the giddiness slowly morphed to slight worry as we hit turbulence.

No worries! We would be in the air longer than anticipated because of the weather, but the sunshine was waiting!

Blake however, was acting weird.

When we finally landed in LA, 30 minutes later than expected, Blake shot out of his seat! We were toward the back of the plan. It was going to be a minute till we were able to deboard.

Didn’t matter, Blake was already grabbing our bags and taking my hand, pushing us ahead of everyone there.

What was going on?  

As I looked ahead I noticed another couple looking just as panicked as Blake. A voice came on over the intercom, but I didn’t hear it. Blake was normally so calm. As we moved forward people noticed us and quickly made way. Also, weird.

We were off the plane. We were in LA. We had a whole week ahead of us. I grabbed Blake’s hand, “Babe. What’s your rush? We’re here. We’re good!”

Blake looked back over his shoulder, “Hustle up babe, we’re going to miss our flight to Maui!” It was then everything clicked and we ran after the other couple from our plane.

We would hit the West coast next time. 😉



Sooooo… everything in that story is true. But… Well… Here we go…



Flashback to Wedding Week…

My Maid of Honor, Lauren and I were knocking out last minute wedding details. Had all the guys picked up their suits? I’m sure they had…

I got out my phone and started calling them. I was pretty sure Blake hadn’t picked his up yet. There was a good chance a few of them hadn’t yet either.

John picked up the phone first ring, “Hello! Ready to get married?”

“You know it! Did you get a chance to pick up your suit?”

“Of course. Took care of it this morning. Are you excited to go to Hawaii? I’ve never been, can’t wait to hear all about it!”

Lauren glanced over at me with a weird look. “Yeah, LA. Blake and I are really excited!” I told John.

“… right. LA. Yes. Can’t wait to hear all about it! I’ll see you at the rehearsal.” Click. John was usually so chatty.

Whatever. The rehearsal was tomorrow. Everything was falling into place. Lauren and I hopped into my car and headed over to Blake’s place. We just had to drop off a couple things.

I gave Blake the box in the driveway. Kissed him good-bye and we parted ways.

Lauren and I were just getting into the car when Erik pop his head out of the house, “Have fun in Maui!!!”

“Yeah. LA is going to be awesome!”

“Right!” A hand pulled him into the house.

Lauren and I got into the car. We just looked at each other. One person. Suuure. Two Groomsmen? We started to laugh, “Looks like you’re going to Maui!”



The Dilemma

Life is SOOOO much more interesting than a fairytale. Full of irony.

When we got home from Maui, I wasn’t sure what to do! I didn’t want to tell him I had found out about his surprise. That would take away so much joy from him! But it also felt dishonest not to. Especially, if he found out later!


After we got home, I sucked in a deep breath and told him I hadn’t been quite as surprised as he thought.

He was disappointed. However, I’m glad I told him!

Telling Blake didn’t change our adventures in Maui. We had the time of our lives! And more importantly, it didn’t change the heart behind the surprise.

Our relationship is built on many things. Honesty and adventure are just two of them.

We had an epic honeymoon. Beautiful weather. Incredible food. Spectacular sunsets and crazy adventures. It was the perfect way to start off this new chapter together. 🙂 #TeamWatsonForLife


I hope you enjoyed hearing more of our story. It’s not your average story. But no story is! Embrace what is uniquely you and looking forward to next time.

Much Love Friend,

PS. Sometime I’ll have to tell you about Zip-lining in Maui. THAT was epic! And not because of the Zips. Or the magic show! I couldn’t have been prouder of my husband in the oddest moment. 🙂

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