2024 Vendor Series: Wolsfelt’s Bridal

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Wrapping up our 2024 Vendor Series is one of our favorite Bridal shops, Wolsfelt’s Bridal!

If you missed part of this series, no worries! You can catch up here. ; )

While there are many incredible Bridal Shops out there, Wolsfelt’s Bridal is a shop that so many of my Watson Brides have used, we just had to highlight this Team. : )

Not only does Wolsfelt’s Bridal offer beautiful wedding gowns, but they also do a really good job of getting to know their Brides. Something that is so important when picking out the perfect wedding dress. It’s one of the things I appreciate most about them, and I think our Watson Brides do too. : )

I hope you enjoy this Q&A with Jessica & Amy from Wolsfelt’s Bridal and make sure to scroll to the end to see what Watson Bride, Katlin had to say about her experience at Wolsfelt’s Bridal!


Q&A with Jessica & Amy from Wolsfelt’s Bridal

Q: When did you first start in the Bridal shop and what do you love most about working with Brides today?

Jessica- I started at Wolsfelt’s 6 years ago but have been in the bridal industry for about 10 years. What I love most about working with brides is forming the connection with the bride and providing them a one of a kind experience. Being honest and open with the bride is very important. It’s also fun seeing how every brides style is different and hearing about their vision for their wedding day, the venues they picked, how they met their fiancé, etc. This is such an exciting moment for the brides, and knowing that I can be just a small part of this amazing time in their life is very special and rewarding to me as a stylist.

Amy- I have been a Bridal Stylist at Wolsfelt’s for a total of 20 years.  I love working one on one with the brides and forming that connection while helping them find the dress of their dreams.

Q: Do you have any other services that you offer at the Bridal Shop? 

A: We are a full service Bridal salon! We can help you from start to finish. Tuxedos, Bridesmaids, Alterations, Mothers, flower girl, bridal accessories, customizations. You name it, we got it! We also provide storage for the gowns up until the week of the wedding, when we hand it off to the bride freshly pressed and ready for her to wear it on one of the most important days of her life!


Q: What is one thing every couple should ask their Bridal Gown Stylist?

A: Always ask your stylist to pull a gown that is something you wouldn’t expect to try on. Sometimes you could end up loving a gown that you would never envision yourself in but could end up being perfect! 

Q: What sets Wolsfelt’s Bridal apart from other companies out there? 

A: We are a family owned, full service Bridal Salon that has been around for over 50years. Still original owners! The vibe and feel of our store is very “homey” which is different then most bridal salons. We pride ourselves on making everyone feel like family as soon as they walk through our doors.

Q: What is a fun trend you’re seeing in Bridal Gowns today? 

A: A lot of slits and boning in the bodice is what is trendy right now! Also, the timeless classic look is very popular. It’s a great look because you can make it your own and 10 years from now it is a style you will never regret.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory from a recent Bride?

Amy- One of my brides ended up being my 4th grade teacher! We found this out not long after we met during the appointment and I introduced myself. She told me she was a retired school teacher and I recognized her last name. When I asked her what grade and school she taught at I thought no way could she be my 4th grade teacher! She recognized me right away and remembered me after a few minutes of putting the pieces together.

Jessica- One of my favorite memories about my brides would be the ones that almost feel like you have known them for years. They feel like they could be a friend or family member. Not someone that you just met during a quick hour and a half appointment. They feel like they can trust you.. and not only talk about “Bridal things” but about anything!

See What Watson Bride Katlin Had to Say About Wolsfelt’s Bridal!

“Buying my dress at Wolsfelt’s Bridal was one of my favorite moments during the wedding planning process. The consultant made my experience so personal and memorable and helped me to find the dress of my dreams. All of the employees at Wolsfelt’s are incredibly supportive and kind, which took so much of the stress and pressure of dress buying away.”

-Katlin & Dylan

I hope this post has been helpful to you! If you haven’t yet, share this post with a friend, check out Wolsfelt’s Bridal and as always, thank you so much for following along! 

Much Love,

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