The 5 Secret Benefits of Doing a First Look

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Some of you may be thinking to yourself, “Wait. What’s a first look?” If that’s you, no worries! I get asked this a lot. 🙂 A first look is simply the first time the Bride and Groom see each other on their wedding day. Traditionally, this is when a Bride walks down the aisle during the ceremony. However, today I want to share the top 5 secret benefits of doing an intimate first look before your ceremony.

I’ve found that there are a range of reactions to this idea, but I believe one of the best ways I can serve my couples is by sharing with them some of these secret benefits so that they can make the best choice for them. These are things Blake and I didn’t know when we got married, but I wish we had!

If you’re currently planning your wedding or know someone who is, this one’s for you. 😉


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Top 5 Secret Benefits to Doing an Intimate First Look

Secret #1. More photos! This is probably the #1 reason I like to recommend a first look to couples. Can you blame me? As a photographer I want to make sure we get all the photos you’ve been dreaming about, without feeling rushed. I want you to be able to soak in each moment of your wedding day. By doing a first look you take the pressure off. You don’t have to worry about rushing back for introductions at your reception. We have created space in your wedding timeline for these photos and you’ll actually end up with up to 40% more photos of the two of you!

Secret #2 More time with your man. Hello! When I think back to my wedding day, there was nobody I wanted to see more than Blake! By doing a first look you actually get to extend the time you have with your man and bridal party by three hours! These are your people. Doing a first look allows you to celebrate together longer. 😉

Secret #3. Your only chance to be alone together. When Blake and I got married I was surprised how little time we had alone together! Portraits are usually squeezed in right after family photos and it can be hard to switch gears from family photos to romantic portraits. However, when you do a first look it naturally flows! You’re already full of joy and excitement from your first look and you’re ready to go into photos of just the two of you.

Secret #4. Freely enjoy the moment. Possibly the best kept secret. When your man sees you for the first time, he’s going to be stunned! He’s going to want to wrap you in his arms, tell you how beautiful you look, then spin you around and plant one on you. When you do an intimate first look beforehand he CAN do all those things! Something that isn’t quite the same after a 30-60-minute ceremony. Don’t worry, he still thinks you’re stunning, but that immediate reaction is gone. By doing a first look, your man won’t feel the pressure of ALL your guests staring at him and he’ll be free to express himself to you.

Bonus: It’s kind of like tricking the system. The ceremony will still have its own unique energy, so it will be like you got TWO first looks.

Secret #5. Kiss nerves good-bye. For some couples the first look is especially freeing. You’ve likely spent a year+ planning your wedding, the day is finally here and there is so much excitement! However, sometimes couples can also feel nervous. Check out what these Grooms had to say about their first look experiences…


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I hope you found this post helpful and you learned something new! If you have a friend planning their wedding, share this with them! I wish I had known these things before my wedding. If you have something you want to see Behind the Lens, send it my way! I always love hearing from friends.

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