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Vendor Series 2020

Next up in our Vendor Series is Sarah from Sarah Kathleen Events!

I first met Sarah and her team a couple of years ago at Amanda & Ben’s wedding. Their wedding was  i n c r e d i b l e  !  Part of what made it so much fun was all the unique details they had planned. 🙂

They actually canoed up to their reception in a canoe that Ben made!

It’s a wedding I’ll never forget. Between that, food trucks, stunning sunset photos and their sweet ceremony, each part of their day was uniquely them.

I think that’s what set Sarah apart right away. She embraced all their ideas and turned their vision into reality. I can only imagine how much work it was, but Sarah rocked out all day with a huge smile on her face. She was flexible and the end result? #WorthIt!

I hope you enjoy this Q&A with Sarah!


Meet Sarah at Sarah Kathleen Events


Q&A with Sarah

How did you get started in events?

Sarah: I started very early on by planning “surprise parties” for every person in my family anytime the smallest chance to celebrate came about! My fascination grew as I got older and I eventually took an internship at a golf course that hosted a lot of weddings. I’ve hooked on weddings and events since that point.

What do you love most about what you do?

Sarah: The look on my clients’ faces when they see all the hard work come together and they walk into their reception is priceless. It feels like making dreams come true. I truly enjoy creating and I love that I get to do that in a different way for every client.



When looking for a wedding coordinator, what should every Bride know?

Sarah: Be sure to book someone you enjoy working with, but that can be impartial and quick to adjust plans when necessary. You want to trust that your vision will be carried out the way you imagined, but also know that whoever is in charge can think quick on their feet if a problem arises.



What is the best part of using Sarah Kathleen Events?

Sarah: We are so fun!! Well, we think we are, but our clients seem to think so, too. We find it really important to bond with our clients so we try to become friends and have fun along the way. Planning is stressful enough so a little bit of laughter along the way can make a huge difference!

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Sarah: I very much enjoy cuddling with my three dogs and eating. My husband and I are big foodies so we enjoy traveling around to new places to find the best food!



Reviews from Past Watson Brides


“When I met Sarah for the first time I knew she was the type of person to go above and beyond because she loved what she was doing. She was so excited to hear about my vision and bring it to life. Sarah and her team were nothing but phenomenal. From having extra pins to pin my dress back together, putting my veil on, to placing all the boutonnieres on the groomsmen she did it all. She managed to contain all the wedding drama and reel it back in. Everything ran smoothly and according to the timeline which was remarkable. I could not recommend a better team to have shared my wedding day with.”



I hope you enjoyed this post! Wedding days have so many moving parts, you don’t have to plan it alone! Tap into our expert Watson Brides. 🙂 Two more vendor posts left!


Much Love Friend,


PS. Have something you want to see Behind the Lens or have questions? Just let me know! I always love hearing from you. 🙂

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