The Wild Hog Vs. Me

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Aww… We were babies! Throwback to our honeymoon. 🙂

It Started with a Question

Recently, I was asked a really good question. One that I don’t think I’ve ever been asked before.

“When were you most proud of yourself?”

To be honest, it took me a moment to think about it. There are lots of fun things I’ve been able to do. Lots of things that were hard or things that Blake and I have overcome together. Unexpected challenges AND fun adventures.

That’s when it hit me.

The moment I am most proud of… is the time I saved Blake from a wild hog!

Yep. Okay. Not your typical, “most proud” moment, but it’s a good one and it’s at least top 10. : )

Are you ready?


Our Honeymoon

We had just gotten married a few days ago and we were now soaking in the Maui sun. We had a few things planned, but for the most part, we were exploring and just having fun!

This particular day, we decided to go zip lining. It’s something I had done before and I was excited to do it with Blake.

As we loaded into the 16 passenger van, Blake kissed my forehead. It was going to be a fun day.


The Ride Up the Mountain

The van started up the mountain. We were fully loaded and the van was struggling.

After about 5 minutes, I actually started to worry. How did they make this trek every day, multiple times a day? The van could barely make it! Our back tires were spinning out and the road was not very wide.

You could feel the tension in the van. I wasn’t the only one getting nervous.

That’s when Blake leaned over and whispered.

They have it in two-wheel drive. They’re messing with everyone.

Sure enough, just a minute later, our two guides burst into laughter. They put the van into 4 wheel drive and everyone had a good laugh.



History & Hogs

As we headed up the mountain, the guides told us all the local history and fun traditions from the past. Most notably, wild hog hunting! Apparently, wild hogs were and still are common in the area. “Back in the day,” they would have hunting competitions.

From the van they showed us the trails wild hogs left as they ran around the mountain. I thought it was incredible!


Morning Adventures

We spent the rest of the morning zipping with the group from place to place.

At lunch time, our guides took us to a waterfall overlook. It was truly stunning. They even showed us a fun trick to capture the rainbow with our phone photos better. I loved it!


Blake and Me! 🙂


Just ONE More Photo

As we packed up, one guide helped us clean up everything before the second half of the day and the other guide went to lock up the restrooms since we were the last group. (I was just glad there had been a restroom!)

Packing up took a bit longer than planned so our guide hustled the group up, but I wanted just one more photo of the waterfall.

I grabbed the shot and we hustled to catch up with the group. That’s when I heard something…

I looked over to my left just as the tall mountain grass started to violently rustle.

My heart started to thud.

Then I heard it. It was like nothing I had ever heard before, but I instantly knew what it was…

A Wild Hog.

And he was NOT happy.


The Wild Hog Vs. Me

Everything went into slow motion. The two girls behind us screamed. The group ahead of us turned, helplessly looking back at us.

If this was it. I wasn’t going down without a fight.

I instantly dropped into a defensive position. (Think basketball.) I surveyed the scene, my back bumping into Blake as I started backing him toward safety. Fiercely, keeping my eyes on the moving grass.

The sounds got louder, the girls that were behind us started running away. The group in front of us started yelling back to us. Everything slowed.

That’s when our tour guide popped out of the tall grass, noisemaker in hand.


Our two guides burst into laughter. There was no wild hog. Everyone was safe.

As things sped back up, I turned and looked at Blake. He wrapped me in his arms, “I knew I picked a winner.”

And that was that. I saved my Man from a Wild Hog.


Much Love Friend,



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