How To Include Your Dog on Your Wedding Day

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One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “Can we include our dog in our wedding photos?”

This is SUCH a good question to ask! The truth is, our dogs mean the world to us. They’re a huge part of our lives and I love when my couples can include them! This past year, I actually got to work with a number of different dogs and it was totally worth it!

Here are just a few of them… Ruger, Scottie the Rottie, Louie, Dez and Emma. 🙂



Here are the two questions that usually follow…


When should we do photos with our dogs?

There are a couple different parts of the day that are perfect for including your dog. If you’re getting ready at a hotel, I like to recommend including your dog during Bridal Party, Bride/Groom photos.

I like this time for two reasons.


#1. Both you AND your Man can be in the shots.

#2. We can dedicate 15 minutes to these photos, then your pup can head back home. 🙂

Pro Tip: Ask a friend to bring your dog, dog treats and baggies to the location we’re doing Bridal Party photos.

You have A LOT of things going on your wedding day. By asking a trusted friend to bring your dog and take them back home, you can get photos you’ll cherish forever and have peace of mind.


If you’re getting ready at home, I like to include them when you’re getting ready!

This is usually a low key, relaxed and fun time of day. Your Bridesmaids are getting ready, your hair and make up finished up and your dog is already at home with you. We have a lot of flexibility. Whenever you’re ready, we can grab your pup and take a few fun shots.


Should I do photos with my dog before or after I get into my dress?

I’ve actually done both!

It’s usually a little easier to move around before getting into your dress, so some Brides will do it before, but either option works. If do you choose to do it once your in your dress, just make sure you have a lint roller near by. 😉



Top 3 Tips for Including Your Dog on Your Wedding Day

While I mentioned a couple of things already, here are 3 things to remember when including your dog on your wedding day.

#1. Have treats or a squeaky toy on hand. Sometimes dogs are camera shy. Having one or both of those things gets their attention quick and allows us to get more final shots.

Bonus: Other things to have on hand, baggies and a lint roller!

#2. Think about if there is anything special you want your dog to wear for photos. Even a cute matching bow tie goes a long way to dressing up your pup. That and it’s adorable!

#3. Remember, it’s okay if it takes a couple of shots. The photos you saw above, were the final photos. Below is a funny out takes. Don’t worry, the flowers ended up being okay. 😉



I hope you found this post helpful!

There are so many parts to planning a wedding, you don’t have to do it alone. 🙂 Whether it’s including your dog in your wedding day or something else. The details unique to you are often the final shots that will mean the most to you and will be the things your friends talk about years after your wedding day. 🙂

Thanks for checking out this post! If you have something you want to see on the blog, Behind the Lens, let me know! The most helpful posts are the ones that come from you. 🙂


Much Love Friend,


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