2023 Venue Series: Cantigny Park & Golf

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Kicking off our 2023 Venue series is a place I actually grew up working at, Cantigny Golf & Park. : ) I started working at Cantigny when I was 14 as a golf caddie and actually worked there till I was 25. It was working at Cantigny that allowed me to start RWP when I was 22. I would work there in the morning, then head over to my office with the dream of growing RWP.

Throughout my years at Cantigny, I worked everything from bag drop to turf care and I just loved every minute of it. Especially, my years working turf care.

If you’re looking at Cantigny as your wedding venue, you know how stunning the grounds are. Now imagine being the only one there at sunrise. Working turf care, it’s the side of Cantigny I got to experience every morning.

My favorite Summer though was the summer that all three of us sisters AND my Dad worked at Cantigny. It was a summer I’ll never forget and Mom learned more about turf care than she ever thought possible. : )

My sisters & Dad on Lisa’s wedding day. Photo by the amazing Sherah Grose.

Needless to say, Cantigny is a place close to my heart. Since starting my business in 2013, I’ve photographed over 30 weddings at Cantigny with more already on the calendar for 2023 and 2024. : )

Cantigny is stunning. The grounds are cared for with love, gardens are replanted three or four times a year by hand so there is always something beautiful to appreciate. There are three different reception spaces and five main ceremony spaces for Brides to choose from all newly renovated with couples in mind.

What I love most about Cantigny though is the way that they care for their couples. The team there is truly top notch. Friendly, fully present on wedding days and ready to help in any way that they can. : ) If you’re looking for a venue, Cantigny is put simply, one of the best.

Q&A with Gina at Cantigny Park

How did you first find Cantigny Park and what do you love most about it?
I first discovered Cantigny with my family many years ago. We loved to visit with family and friends to see the gardens, history within the museums, and for picnics or events! As a child, I dreamed to be a Cantigny Bride myself. It is so wonderful to come full circle by planning weddings for Cantigny and making other couple’s dreams come true! Cantigny is so inclusive and the possibilities for any person’s dream wedding are endless it seems. The team we have built here is so hard-working and passionate in the process of such a life-changing day.
What part of the wedding process brings you the most joy?
There is no way to say that wedding days are not extremely stressful, and the pressure is always on to make a perfect day for our couples. However, for myself and my team, the moment we feel so accomplished and entirely filled with joy is sending our couples down the aisle. This is the moment when the weight of the day lifts off their shoulders and they see their loved one at the other end of the aisle, waiting to marry them in joyful anticipation. I still have a hard time holding back tears during ceremonies especially. It is a wonderful feeling to see such true love before your eyes and know that you were a part in celebrating that love.
When looking for a wedding venue, what should every Bride know?
Know before looking at venues how much you want to do on your own. If you are looking for more guidance, find a place that is very inclusive with set-up and services! You would be surprised at how many venues only provide a space for the wedding. With these types of venues, many couples love that they can rent their own chairs, tables, linens, book outside catering, etc. However, having a venue that overall has these pieces done in house is SO helpful for the couples who want to simplify their planning load. Here at Cantigny, we work as a liaison if you would like to personalize these items, and it can make the planning process more enjoyable for some.
What is the best part of working with Cantigny Park?
The best part of working with Cantigny is the environment in multiple aspects. Our team strives to provide the best experience possible while also welcoming feedback to grow as individuals within the hospitality industry. All who work on property, whether involved in events or not, are always welcoming to our guests. We all enjoy being a team and provide a helping hand every step of the way. It also does not hurt that we are amongst some of the most beautiful gardens in the area!

What Our Watson Brides Are Saying

“Cantigny Park was the perfect place for our reception. The grounds are gorgeous. We got so many stunning photos across several unique locations throughout the property- from the beautiful gardens to the fountains, to the military tanks. We were very happy we worked with Rachael for so many reasons, including the fact that she and her team knew Cantigny so well. We had the Le Jardin room for our reception, and our guests loved that we could also enjoy the patio outside throughout the evening. Overall- beautiful venue, with amazing food, and great staff. Cantigny was the perfect choice for our summer wedding!”
-Clare S.

Thanks for coming along to learn a little bit more about Cantigny Golf & Park! I had a lot of fun working with Gina to create this feature and I hope you enjoyed it too.

Check back later this week for our next feature and till then…

Much Love,

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