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In case you missed it, last week, I shared 23 questions to ask your prospective wedding photographer. To be fair, that can be A LOT. So I broke it down into 5 categories of questions; the Nitty Gritty, Technical, General, Process Questions, and Fun.

You can view the post here.

This is a post I loved getting to write, but it got me thinking, where can my Watson Brides find this information? So, we’re breaking it down. One part at a time over this Winter.

In this post, we’re breaking down the “Nitty Gritty” questions. I hope this post is helpful to you and as always, please feel free to share with your friends & family!

Q: Is a “print release” included so that I can print images from anywhere in the future?

A: Yes! A print release is always included for our Watson Brides.

Whether it’s an anniversary session, engagement, or your wedding day, a print release is included and it’s what allows you to print your images from anywhere.

That’s the hope! That you’ll print your final images as traditional prints, canvas, save the dates, or maybe even in your wedding album. It’s why we do what we do, so you can share these final images, the emotions, and memories with your friends and loved ones.

While we offer high-quality print options, we know that sometimes you’re looking for something specific or last minute. A print release allows you to print your images from anywhere.

Q: Will my digital images be; high resolution, fully edited, and without watermarks?

A: Yes! At RWP we want you to have images you’re proud to share with your friends and family. Once we’re done editing your images, your wedding or engagement photos will be uploaded into a password protected online gallery.

From your online gallery, you’ll be able to download your images in high resolution, fully edited and free of watermarks.

It’s what I would want, so it’s what I make sure all our Watson Brides get.

Q: What are other costs that may come up after we sign a contract with you?

A: This is such an important question to ask! In general, there should be no surprises that come up, cost wise, afterbooking.

However, there are three things that sometimes our couples choose to add later.  

Additional Hours- While I try to get the total hours of coverage you’ll want as close as possible before booking, (It’s why we do custom timelines for couples before booking!) sometimes things shift. That’s normal! 3-4 months before your wedding date, I’ll send out a final wedding questionnaire. This will help me draft a final photography timeline for you to view and approve.

Photography Permits- While there are lots of places we can take photos that do not require a photography permit, sometimes locations do. Places like Cantigny Park, The Morton Arboretum, or the Lincoln Park Zoo are places we often get permits for and it’s 100% worth it!

Permits at those locations range from $50-$200 depending on if it’s a wedding or engagement session. If you’re excited about one of these locations, just let me know! I can share all the details and don’t worry about applying for the permit, I’ll go through that process for you. : )

As a bonus, if you’re excited about a location, but not sure if it requires a permit, like this little airport we did an engagement session at, just let me know! I can always investigate. 

Bridal Album- At RWP adding your Legacy Bridal Album is always optional. Sometimes couples include it when they book, others want to think about it. Once in a while, couples add it a year or two or five years later. Never required, but always a fun add on. : )

Q: Do you have liability insurance?

A: Yes. This is a must for any professional wedding photographer. It’s required at many wedding venues and just a wise choice.

I hope this post was helpful to you! They’re not flashy questions, but they’re important. If you have other questions, just let me know! I always love hearing from you.

Much Love,

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