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What is the best space for preparation photos and are there things to keep in mind when choosing?

This is SUCH a good question to ask!

When you were scrolling on your phone, pinning your favorite photos, searching for wedding inspiration, there’s a good chance, preparation photos were part of that. You see these stunning images, but how?

The truth is, I can make just about any location work. It’s part of my job!


This is still one of my favorite shots… You would never know it was taken in a dark church basement on a flattened office box. (For real!)



Or this one!

We were hustling to the first look. This beautiful bathroom had preparation things all over, but I saw this moment and I had to capture it! I closed the door just a tiny bit to hide any distracting elements and got this final shot. : )

Such a sweet moment between a Bride and her mom! I would do it 100 times over.




However, there are a few things I’ve found that have been helpful.


#1. Make sure you have space where you’re getting ready.

Most of my Brides have 5-10 Bridesmaids, plus Mom, MOG and sometimes even flower girls. This is a lot of ladies getting ready in one place!

It’s why I always recommend thinking about the number of people who will be getting ready with you before selecting your preparation location. There should be space for everyone to get ready without having to move things around too much and space for photos.

When I’m thinking about detail photos. Here are the two things I look for; natural light and a neutral backdrop.

When I’m thinking about photos with your Bridesmaids, I usually use two different locations; a bedroom and a larger living space. When you have a larger space, we can get fun shots like the one above with Meg and all her bridesmaids. 🙂


Bonus: Having enough space will keep things more organized, relaxed and fun. You’ll also probably end up with more photos because we can keep shooting instead of moving things around. (Though we’re pretty good at it. 😉 )


#2. If possible, check out the suite you want to book in advance. (Remember, Color and light.)

This is something most Brides don’t think about, but it can be a total game changer!

Think about the photos you’re most excited about. They’re probably colorful with beautiful natural light! With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure the space you book has large windows, the paint on the walls is neutral and any carpet isn’t a distracting color. 😉



#3. Get creative! 

When it comes to preparation photos, you can get ready in so many different locations. Especially today!

I’ve had Brides get ready in hotel suites, in their childhood homes, future homes, even Air B&B’s! Don’t be afraid to try something a little bit different and remember, the most important thing on your wedding day isn’t the photos, but starting this new chapter as husband and wife. 🙂

We’re on your team! Wherever you choose, we’ll be creative and find fun shots. 🙂 We’re just pumped we get to be there to capture the memories.


For more tips on getting ready in the morning, check out these two posts!


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I hope this post has been helpful!

If you have a question you want to see answered Behind the Lens, let me know! The best posts, like this one, come from real Brides like you.


Much Love Friend,



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